Patagonia Kayaking Trips | Patagonia Unbound

Experience adventure from a new perspective on our Patagonia kayaking trips. Traverse Patagonia’s diverse landscapes and paddle to views few have the fortune to see to discover the joys of active adventures. We offer an array of kayaking trips sure to show you the many wonders of Patagonian waters. Kayak through pristine fjords in search of a calving glacier, paddle through the calm waters of a lake reflecting granite spires above, or kayak down the serpentine waters of the Serrano River on your way to the glaciated Mount Balmaceda. No matter where you paddle, our Patagonia kayak trips make adventure personal. With well-paced, innovative itineraries, we can offer you an opportunity to not only physically interact with the Patagonian landscape but get to know it intimately, away from bustling crowds. Pioneer through Patagonia’s stunning landscapes, culture and heritage with Patagonia Unbound.